Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Three years ago today

Today marks the three year anniversary since my near accident that would have killed me had I been in it. I've talked about it before here. Not mentioned in that post is that the exact words telling me not to go into the intersection even though my light was green were, "Hold back." I remember being very confused at first wondering why in the world should I "hold back" when I finally have my green light to go. It became clear when I saw the cars pass by in front of me, and I realized that some unseen being from the other side had just saved me by giving me a warning. I remember at the time having this feeling of being protected and watched over not only by the one who had given me the warning, but many others were there also. It was hard to keep from crying all the way home. I've been reflecting on it the past few days, and I'm still so thankful for the whispered warnings we receive from the other side. In that case, it literally saved my life, and the lives of at least one if not all of my children. When I think about what happened even now, it still brings tears to my eyes. March 6th is a very special, memorable day for me now. I think it would be awesome to have a future child born on March 6th. :)

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